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  • From Córdoba
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    From Córdoba

    We suggest the N-432 to the town of Pueblo Nuevo Peñarroya-and without going into it, take the junction towards El Hoyo. After this go to Navalcuervo, and at the next junction, towards Fuenteobejuna. The road is in perfect condition and well signposted.

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    From Sevilla

    A good formula is to go to the Sierra Norte, by Monesterio and Llerena and Source Obejuna (200 Kms). Others prefer the tranquility of the motorway to Cordoba.

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    From Madrid

    There are many possibilities. We suggest two, as well as to reach the N-IV to Cordoba:
    - For Zafra: The quieter. Take the A-5 to Zafra (Badajoz) and continue towards Cordoba to Fuente Obejuna (National Highway 432 in perfect condition with no noticeable curves). Once Source Obejuna, take the road of the villages: Cañada del Gamo, Ojuelos Low, High and The Alcornocal Ojuelos
    A variant of this route is Villanueva de la Serena, Zalamea de la Serena and Blázquez (is shorter but more messy)

    - By City Real: From Madrid the A-4/E-5 for 124.4 km, take exit 136 to Ciudad Real. After this, the N-420 if desired, can be avoided through Puertollano, looking Villamayor de Calatrava and Brazatortas. Continue along until you reach the National Cardeña (Córdoba). Continue until Pozoblanco and Peñarroya Pueblonuevo. From Peñarroya, find the villages of El Hoyo, Navalcuervo and the bedrooms.

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    Desde Madrid por Ciudad Real

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    Desde Madrid por Zafra

    Campsa Guide

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